Monday, March 8, 2010

baby shower

We made all the decorations for this baby shower with my pazzles inspiration, from the invitations to the cake decoration, centerpieces, baby shower banner and wall decorations.
The base for the centerpieces is made all from texture cardstock, I reinforce them with cheap board inside,
Thanks to my Pazzles software I was able to make all separated pieces for those centerpieces and end up with a 12 inches tall base plus the flowers and horse scallop circle they where a really nice size.


Claire's cards said...

Fabulous work Ana,it must have taken you ages, but very satisfying. I love the table decorations especially the little rocking horse.

Anonymous said...

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LilBooking said...

Me gusto tu pagina. Tengo algunas preguntas me puedes escribir a mi email


Jacky UK said...

Your tutorials are excellent I have just got my Pazzles so I'm trying to learn all I can! Unfortunately the link on the tutorial on subtracting a weld does not seem to work but the others are great.